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Directions to the IMRI Office Suite

  • The IMRI Office Suite M100 is located on the Mezzanine Floor of Rougeou Hall.
  • There is no direct elevator access to the Mezzanine Floor. However, there are two (2) ways to access the IMRI Office Suite.

Accessing the IMRI Office Suite M100 via the Mezzanine Courtyard Entrance to Rougeou Hall

Climb the outdoor stairs of the Courtyard Entrance to the Mezzanine Floor and enter one of the two doors. Proceed forward and open the door labeled "M100". Follow the red arrow to the IMRI Office Suite Reception Area.

Accessing the IMRI Office Suite M100 via the Main First Floor Entry Doors to Rougeou Hall

Enter one of the two Main First Floor Entry Doors. Proceed forward and travel to the Second Floor via the elevator to your right or the stairwell to your left.

Once you arrive on the Second Floor, follow the red arrows to the Mezzanine Floor where you will find the entry door to the IMRI Office Suite labeled "M100".

Please call us at 337-482-5920 or 337-482-1453, or email us at or, if you need further help finding the IMRI Office Suite. We look forward to visiting with you!