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Outreach Activities


The primary goal of the TRIMMing CO2 program is to tackle important societal and environmental topics through state-of-art research, producing results that are beneficial and of interest to the scientific community and to our society in general.

Our outreach initiatives within TRIMMing CO2 are aimed at broadening the impact of our research by disseminating the corresponding research outcomes to the general public, and, in particular, by making crucial research information available to students and educators at high schools and community colleges.

Our goal is to inspire young students and sparkle their interest in science by informing them about exciting scientific and technological advances and providing them with new, valuable research opportunities through the TRIMMing CO2 program. In addition, we aim at collaborating with educators at community colleges and high schools by providing them with open access to research-grade material surrounding important topics of carbon management, energy production, and the environment.

Some of our initiatives are:

  • Open access online resources community college and high school educators
  • Summer camp for high school and community college students
  • Design competition for high school students

For further information, contact these team members within the TRIMMing CO2 program:

Dr. Xiao-Dong Zhou (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
Dr. Barbara Marchetti (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
Dr. Delia Valles-Rosales (New Mexico State University)