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Education & Professional Development


An important objective of the TRIMMing CO2 project is to integrate training and professional development initiatives into research activities with the aim of training students and researchers and promoting their success in industry or academic careers.

To this end, we offer our solid expertise as researchers and educators and we are committed to providing valuable training and development opportunities to enhance the skill and knowledge of our students and researchers and help them achieve their long-term professional goals.

Therefore, we encourage the participation of students, researchers, and professionals in the following activities:

  • Undergraduate Research Experiences
  • Webinar classes
  • Research and Development Workshops

For additional information, contact these team members within the TRIMMing CO2 project:

Dr. Xiao-Dong Zhou (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
Dr. Barbara Marchetti (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
Dr. Delia Valles-Rosales (New Mexico State University)